Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Now where was I again?


Hello,  Photo 52, Week Whatever It Is...I know I'm behind, but I am just trying to keep my head above water here!


(Yes, that would be me, over on the left.  Not succeeding.)

I SO need a little break in the action to catch up.  But alas, what I have is more like a tiny little breather than a break (more good stuff just ahead) and I don't want to get farther behind.  So here we go.


Photo 52, Week 29 (pretty good, I figured out what week it is):  Whimsy

There was a lot of whimsical fun going on at the VBS photo booth this year.  It was the first year that both of my kids were too old to participate as "kids", so they volunteered as assistants.  All the youth were amazing.   They all came up through VBS, and they were going all out making it fun for the younger ones. (That part was hardly whimsical.) It made me realize what an impact VBS has had on them.  Boy, is it ever worth it!  Not that I really doubted, but still.


Photo 52, Week 30 (already???):  Hot

I picked this theme the week I was SURE we could COUNT on hot weather, so of course it cooled off.  Gotta love the tundra.  (I told the Photo 52 people there will be NO MORE seasonal weather related prompts!) But hey, it's a great day when some hot coffee out on the deck sounds good.  AND, it forced me to take a few extra minutes to enjoy my flowers.




I am loving this coleus this year.


Photo 52, Week 31: Photographer's Choice

Loved this shot of Mt. Olympus from our little getaway to the Wisconsin Dells.  Huge waterpark, go-carts and roller coasters all together in one place.  Perfection. Oh, and also...


...a little taste of Greece.








In one more piece of news Bethany was in her first full-length play, Willy Wonka Jr.  It blew me away that they could pull that off after only three weeks of half-day rehearsals.  She was one of the school kids, and then the best Oompa Loompa ever!



It's August.  I shall return.  Eventually.  With more.


(Ha, are we the ONLY people who use sunscreen?)

I hope your summer is going...swimmingly!


Skeller said...

ha - made me laugh more than once :-D. looks like you're the very best kind of busy!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos... Alas I am behind on Photo 52 but I have been taking photos...hoping some of them will dovetail with the themes you pat!
I LOVE Bethany's eyes peeking over in the roller coaster. We never made it to Wiscinsin Dels in all the years we lived in the Twin Citirs.., always thought it sounded like such fun!!
Cathy B

Givinya De Elba said...

This post was a lot of good fun! Awesome photos!

HJ said...

This is great, Tracy!! So cute and fun -- w/ a couple doses of breathtaking!! The Dells is always so conducive to awesome memories!! So glad to see a number of you in these!!

Unknown said...

What a summer. A whirlwind of a summer!
Bethany was an Oompa Loompa? What? That is ridiculously cool.

I think I am going to take the kids to a water park this week. They are so excited. I am not nearly as excited as they are : ).