Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Forties Top 40, #33

#33:  Gardening.


I started gardening the summer I turned forty.
I've blogged about that many times in the series "Lessons From My Garden".  
These gorgeous crocuses reminded me.  (They are not mine, but the photo is.)
I've already been poking around, moving this, weeding that.
Dreaming of what is soon to come.
Love it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Who could've seen this coming?


Lucky Lee has a spring break birthday.
Last year we celebrated at EPCOT.


This year we drove right by the airport instead of to it.


Just up the road to one of the city lakes.
But luckily, spring break came to us!


It would be reasonable to expect 
a late season blizzard right about now.


We would NEVER have expected this!














Happy birthday, Buddy!
Hope we can get you the same present next year!

Saturday, March 24, 2012



Last summer Katie Lloyd posted a photo of a carousel that I LOVED.  
It completely opened my eyes to the gorgeous effect of a soft focus.


Last night we took Bethany to the mall and let her ride a few rides.  She has finally given up the merry-go-round, but I slipped over there while she rode the roller coaster.


What a great subject for a variety of effects!




Thanks again, Katie, for inspiring me (often!) to look through my lens in a new way!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Forties Top 40, #34

If you've seen this tree once
you've seen it a thousand times.


With crab apple blossoms.


Or kids in it.


Snow.  Frost.  Ice.  Water droplets.


Today as I walked around it, yet again
(and thanked God that my neighbors were at work),
I was looking for things like light, bokeh, color, and depth of field.
It feels a little crazy,
but it is different every time.


#34:  Seeing the same old things from fresh perspectives.


These two photos, above and below?
They are identical in every way except one.


The difference?


Step back.



See it?
I moved my camera the tiniest little bit
and locked my focus first on trunk
then on leaf buds.

My forties have been like that.  Shifting my focus around to explore different facets of the same things.  My tree is really just a small example.  The best example is my view of God.  I have just begun to explore the inexhaustible facets of his nature and character.  I have seen him in so many new ways this past decade.  To know him, truly, is to love him.

One other thing.  I've learned that just because I'm LOOKING at exactly the same thing as someone else doesn't mean I'm SEEING the same thing.  And just because we don't see the same thing doesn't mean I am right and they are wrong.  People whose perspectives differ from mine have provided amazing richness and depth to my thinking this decade.  Saying yes to my trunk doesn't necessitate saying no to your leaves.  Both are a part of the same picture.  Sometimes one really isn't more important than the other.  But if I don't have the photograph, I must LISTEN WELL to understand what the other person is seeing, rather than assuming it's the same thing I see. This is a precious lesson.  I pray I learn it well.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Vintage


Only a few years before she died at age 101, my grandma wrapped up enough little spoons from her collection to give one to every grandchild for Christmas.  She didn't choose who would get which.  I got this one with a little angel.  So sweet.

2. Word or Quote


I love the quote on this calendar page to go with the painting by Debi Hron.  The whole thing is so filled with hope.  These record-breaking warm days have made me feel even more that way than I normally do.

3. Nature's Own


We went to the zoo today, along with a zillion other people enjoying the summer-like weather.  
This lynx was sitting in perfect light.

4. People


I have been taking tons of pictures of other people lately for the yearbook and basketball.  
I thought I'd photograph my three favorites for this one!

5. Photographer's Choice


Bethany made a scarf out of old t-shirts today--
a project begun in her recycled art class after school.
I couldn't resist this shot.  She's my rainbow girl.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Forties Top 40, #35

This week Bethany has been running a fever, and hasn't made it to school at all.  She hasn't been terribly uncomfortable until last night, when I heard her coughing several times during the night.  This was actually one of the first favorites I thought of as I started to ponder my last decade, and it came back to me at 4:07 this morning.

#35:  Recovery from sleep deprivation.


Not that this is a typical 40s experience, but hey.  It's mine.
Here we are, just before I turned 39.


Having our kids close together seemed practical at that age.


I am so glad that even in the days of film 
when I hadn't a clue what I was doing,
I took pictures like a crazy woman.


Because if it weren't for those pictures
I'm not sure I would remember anything
about those days.

I am so thankful my kids finally turned into good sleepers.
After they were two.  Or more.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt: Spring Surprise Edition

Spring is making an early appearance here--thought I would give it a hearty welcome!  It's amazing!  

This is such a fun way to get some photos that I wouldn't ordinarily notice or think of.  Everyone is welcome to give it a try--so go for it!  

1.  Water


This is a glorious sight, but the sound of water running down the street while the snow melts is my favorite!  Good thing I got out there with my camera yesterday--today it is pretty much all GONE!

2.  Light


This was the day's last light yesterday, but Bethany wanted to make her annual pilgrimage to the park to say hello to spring.  I don't even know if she remembers from year to year that she does this, but she's never missed it yet.  I hope she never quits taking me along.

I love the way she captured the light, even though there wasn't enough of it to take a crisp image of her as the swing was moving.  Yes, she is wearing shorts...


...and flip-flops!

3.  Chocolate


Two words:  Thin Mints.

The Girl Scouts were selling in a parking lot in SHORT SLEEVES.  That NEVER happens!!

4.  Animal


My only animals are at the zoo, so I pulled this one out from a couple of weeks ago that I never posted.  It's so very nice of the zoo to keep and care for my pets for such a reasonable fee, and let me come and play with them whenever I want.  :-)

5.  Crowded


Both kids had basketball tournaments yesterday--we were lucky they were at the same place and their games alternated!  It was crowded in the stands, and also under the basket.

Next week's themes:
Word or Quote
Nature's Own
Photographer's Choice