Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday evening happy sigh


This mom's heart was happy tonight


to see this girl back in the kitchen.


She has been busy twirling flags and rifles
practically 24/7 for the last month,
and it is amazing!


But we have barely seen her.
She had three blissful days off, 
and finally had enough down time to start living a little life with us.





Of course, she was making cookies for color guard tomorrow, but I'm good with that.


She headed downstairs and started playing with her brother.
(Note the consistency between the Sunday night kitchen and the Sunday night family room.
Cleaning up can wait for Monday.)



You just have to love him, right?


They got out some Wii games I haven't seen for a few years.





Girlie, you are doing some big time work these days.
Please remember that message on your shirt, OK?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thread of Eternity

"He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the human heart."
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Miss B.

Meet Bernadette.

We had a really unique session that was all her.

Bernadette Music

Bernadette is a musician, so we wanted to capture her making music.
She loves her flute, and plays it in marching band.
She has played the piano since she was little, so I got to hear some of that, too.
She chose the grand piano at her church.
It was, well, heavenly.


I was captivated by her bracelets.

Butterfly story

She told me the stories of the friend who gave her the one with all the butterflies--
because they were the only insects she liked.
Of how the friends had met in middle school and been friends ever since.
It was a story filled with surprises.

Rosary story

Then she told me about her rosary.
How it helps her remember to focus
on the character and the mysteries of God.
If that's not a jump-start on life, I don't know what would be.

Church Verticals

Church Trio


Bernadette also loves her math.


She wanted to incorporate some of that into her photos,
so she did a little designing for me.

Maple 2

She told me about a friend who had to answer an essay question on a college application that was the best ever.
She was asked, "If you were a mathematical model, what would you be?"
That got Bernadette thinking, and she said she would be a sine wave.
When I asked her why, she said they look cool, and they have no beginning or end.
They just go on forever.
That's why she loves pi too.


Bernadette, I loved how the theme of eternity kept coming up during our time together.
If you can keep things in the perspective of eternity,
your future is unquestionably bright!
God will guide you through every hill and valley,
and fill your heart with hope.
You shine for him so beautifully!


Monday, August 10, 2015

Living in the Moment


Meet Mr. Adventure.
Football player.
Soon to be mechanical engineering major.
I didn't even ask his mom about the things he disassembled when he was little.
I can just imagine.

Front Porch

When I arrived, he greeted me warmly, because he's that kind of a guy.
But when the camera came out, he had his game face on.
(Just like some other teenagers I know quite well.)

Chair B:W

Here's the thing.  
For some people (*cough*especially senior guys*cough*)
it's really challenging not to associate the camera with "Quit having fun and smile."
As in, "This will be two hours of my life I can't get back."
To think of it instead as, "Let's plan on you going to your happy place to do what you love to do,
and I'll just be there with my camera.  And then we'll stop and take a few for the yearbook."


Thankfully, Mr. Adventure's game face dissipated as opportunity arose.
Me:  How about you stand on the bridge and lean on that railing.
Mr. Adventure:  How about if I climb over the other side and lean on that one instead.
Me:  Sure, whatever works for you.




Me:  You could just have a seat right there and relax for a minute.
Great.  Hey, you want to turn around and look up at me?

Upside Down

Band Shell

Me:  This looks like an interesting spot.  How about right there?
Mr. A:  How about up there?
Me:  Even better.

Bandshell b:w


Monkey Bar Trio

Beyond the gardens and the deer playground was a grown up playground.



For Mr. Adventure, there was only one way down.
He stuck the landing for a perfect 10.


I never got to see that video, but I know it was awesome!

Dave, you are the type of guy who really can't yet imagine why you would want to "capture" one moment soon to be past, rather than living all-in the present one and looking forward to the one just around the corner.  The type of guy people love to be around because your way of embracing life is contagious.  I am so thankful that we captured some of the real you together.  I know that adventurous spirit is going to open many doors of opportunity for you in the years ahead.  It's a great gift from God.

"Don't wait for the perfect moment.  
Take the moment and make it perfect."
~Zoey Sayward