Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Creativity Project: Behind Glass


Have you ever noticed that glass barriers signify the presence of something special?
There is something sort of magical about it.
I have learned to notice in recent years that the two-sided nature of glass
often helps you see two sides of a story at the same time.
I loved the reflection of downtown on the front of this tea service.
A certain invitation to come in rest a moment from the hustle and bustle.
It surprised me when I got it out of my camera and onto the screen, I have to admit.


Behind this glass are some treasures from my own  family.



My friend Kirti went downtown Minneapolis with me not long ago to search for treasures.


We found this place with lots of delights behind glass.


Ooh, how to choose?





We also saw some intriguing sights behind the glass of the skyway.


Then, my Photo 52 group went on a photo walk downtown St. Paul.
Twin Cities require equal time after all!


This window definitely caught our attention.



And this window caught our reflection!


More two-sided stories…


this from a restaurant Lee and I have loved since we started dating.


Photo 52, Week 26:  Photographer's Choice

Again with the special goodies behind glass--
and a slightly nervous guest.
Sorry Dude, I tried to stay as far back as I could and zoom.


What are the treasures hidden behind glass in your world?

I'm delighted to be joining the Creativity Project this month!
These amazing photographers explore a different theme each month,
and it's truly a privilege to be invited along.
For more inspiration on the wonders behind or under glass, 
click around the circle of photographers!
Sharon at Sharon Covert Photography is next!

Once you have been inspired, YOU are invited to post your photos of
"Behind or Under Glass"
on The Creativity Project Facebook page anytime this month.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Live and Learn (a fireworks photography faux pas--and the fix!)


I just have to tell you--
when we watch fireworks, photography is not the main thing.  At all.
When you are lucky enough to have a fireworks tradition,
you've gotta go with the flow and just enjoy it together.
Even so, I try to brush up on the basics before we head out.


I showed up with my camera and tripod.
I knew I could keep my ISO low because fireworks are bright.  I guessed at 400.
I knew a middle range aperture would offer the best detail and color.  I guessed at f/8.
I decided to use a polarizing filter to darken it up so I could leave the shutter open a little longer. 
I glanced at a couple of images very briefly and settled at 1.6 seconds for what appeared to be a good exposure.
I set my shutter to a 2 second timer so I wouldn't move the camera when I pressed the shutter.
On the way over I reminded myself to set my focus and then flip it to manual focus,
and also to turn off VC (vibration compensation, a.k.a. image stabilization)…


…but I forgot.
Well, I remembered the focus part.
But that vibration compensation--
if it doesn't find any vibration to counteract, well, it manufactures some.
I mean squiggles can be kind of cute, but not EXACTLY the look I was going for!


About 2/3 of the way through, I remembered no VC, and voila!!



Note to self:  see how the movement is chopped off?
A slower shutter might be good.
Next year?
ISO 100
Aperture f/10-12
Slower shutter.  See what happens.


Sometimes it's nice when you can make a mistake and then correct it
for the sake of comparison.
I mean, who really sets out to mess up their fireworks pictures?
So I did it for you.
You're welcome.


Now will someone remind me to read this next year before the fireworks?