Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's Your Move


Meet the lovely Therese.
She is graduating from high school this weekend.
She is ready.

Therese has a huge heart and several loves,
but the highlight of her high school career was being
captain of the chess team.

It just made sense for us to do her photos at the depot,
among the giant chess pieces.


Depot 2

Therese Chess

It was really great of her to give me a little tutorial about how the game goes.
It turns out that it's all about making the king your top priority.
Therese does that.
Jesus is her King.  She loves serving him.
She served him on a life-changing trip to Mexico last summer.
It's all been a process of learning that serving him
means receiving from him so you can pass his love along.
She reflects him quietly and beautifully.

Therese Depot 2



Now it looks like she is just waiting for the train to take her to her next destination.

Therese Outside


Therese, it's your move.
You have wonderful plans to pursue a career that will help others live a healthy, productive life.
Your college sees your heart and your potential, and they are wisely making an investment in you.
I'm so excited for you!  You do not move alone.  Your King has led the way and is going with you.
Congratulations on all you've accomplished!
I'm looking forward to hearing how the path unfolds before you
as you continue to walk with the Lord Jesus and honor him.

"Now to the King eternal,
immortal, invisible,
the only God,
be honor and glory
for ever and ever. Amen."
1 Timothy 1:17