Monday, March 12, 2018

Waiting for Perfection (a.k.a. what we've learned from lefse parties)

Raising up a new generation of lefse makers!

Lefse Party 2018 is a wrap.  We've done it for a few years now, so it's probably safe to say it's a tradition.  It's a really odd thing to do for a couple of reasons (and probably more).

First of all, everyone is invited.  And by everyone, I mean I advertise it on Facebook, and we call and text some people, especially people we haven't had a chance to visit with for too long.  We have no idea who will come, or how many, we just put it out there and wish we had the time to invite more. This year we had neighbors, church friends, marching band friends, a high school friend, and a friend we met years ago on Facebook who quickly became a real life friend. There were old friends and new friends, friends born on three different continents, plus lefse is Norwegian, so that makes four.  It's risky business inviting all these random people together, but seriously, it is just so much fun.

Second, who has lefse parties?  Well, in Norway they might, and there are probably still some families who get together and crank it out.  I may have heard someone say that in her family you got in trouble if you didn't get it thin enough.  But not at our house--if you make it and it turns out warm enough to melt the butter when you spread it on, it's good enough for us. And if it's not warm enough to melt the butter, there's always the microwave.

Here's the thing:

If we waited for everything to be perfect, we would never have people over.  I can think of so many reasons not to.  Guest lists, space and seating issues, hideous carpet and not-so-clean house, social awkwardness, inadequacy issues (that was a whole post in itself once), time on the calendar.  All real.

Community is too important to wait for perfection.  That's why we started lefse parties.  It's one thing that I can handle.  I threw a couple of soup mixes into pots, and made a quick veggie tray so people could have an excuse not to make dinner when they got home.  We served water and coffee to drink, because that's what we drink at our house.  People seemed pretty ok with that!  They had fun making the lefse, and they were pretty content to just visit.  I mean, some of them have come all of the years now.  Some of them didn't even know what lefse was!  They came for the togetherness.  They got the invitation and took us up on it.  I hope next time even more people will take us up on it.

Our society has gotten pretty hung up on perfection.  If that's the standard, eventually we're all going to end up disqualified.  It's grace that allows us to actually do things that count.  I'm so glad we didn't wait.

Jesus is perfect.  The rest of us are a work in progress.

"By one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy." Hebrews 10:14

Sweet grace.  What an invitation!  It's for everyone too.  I'm taking him up on it.