Monday, August 26, 2013

Face in the crowd


Photo 52, Week 34:  Face in the Crowd

We just returned from a week-long vacation.
We crammed it into four days.
During which we saw plenty of crowds and faces.
We are not such crowd people.


But it seems that this is one crowd we cannot resist joining whenever we are within any sort of proximity.
Sometimes, we will even plan a whole vacation around it.  It's just how we roll.



Somehow, it happens with some frequency that we cheer against the crowd.
Hello Braves shirt in a sea of red.  But notice the bullpen below...hello Braves!


These guys were chatting on the field as we arrived, right there!
Brian McCann caught my eye, but I neglected to notice that I knew the other face quite well--until later.
It was a truly fun catcher-catcher exchange.  McCann probably revered him when he was still a teen.


The starting pitcher greeted me personally.  Looking for you in the World Series, Maholm!


That other guy again...ah, yes, I would know that face anywhere!
Bullpen coach Eddie Perez caught for pitching great Greg Maddux in the Braves' glory days not so long ago.
It was unthinkable to see Maddux without Perez.  He appreciated the recognition.


He gave us a gift.


Thanks Eddie!  Yes, we totally remember.


Speaking of great, I have to admit I have been charmed by baseball's appreciation for its greats.
The most beloved ones are the true good guys.


Baseball's name gets tarnished too often,


but baseball truly loves a class act.

Yes, we scheduled a whole trip around the Braves playing in St. Louis.
I would do it again.
More to come.


Deanna said...

Looks like a fun time, eventho you were among the "enemy" giggle!!

Melissa Mae said...

I'm pretty sure that chicken is an Americana. We have one like it. You won't catch us planning a vacation around a baseball game but we are planning on going to a Twins/Tigers game in September....

HJ said...

That chicken is awesome!! How fun!! I really like the love you got from your Braves!!

Unknown said...

I like baseball. It just seems so Americana to me. Too bad Kaish isn't into it at all. Gary likes it but I don't think he would like going to a stadium. He is pretty picky about things he likes to do. #Ihavenoideahowwearemarried because #adventureismymiddlename