Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friend time


It is a RARE day


when I go out for dinner with friends!
Lunch, yes, but dinner??
THAT is a treat!
In this case, Caprese Sandwich (loved)
out on the patio in the waning hours of daylight.
It was so delightful.


After we finished, I heard music from behind me, 
and only then noticed what a quaint little area we were in.
This was such a fun photo to catch!


Thank you, Melissa and Heather!
I loved our evening together.


Unknown said...

Oh my word. So much fun.
I love good friends. Yours are real beauties.
And the little piano player? Stop the truck! LOVE!

Tracy P. said...

Isn't she adorable? I didn't even stop to talk to them because they were so busy playing and having a blast together. They made my day. :-)

HJ said...

Yay!!! LOVE this!!! Loved our time together!!! But next time... a photo of the three of us! :-)

Tracy P. said...

Agreed, Heather!

Unknown said...

Tracy, I am so surprised you have not disowned me for not visiting your blog in so long. You know I love you and think of you often, right?
Love, your horrible-rotten-no-good blogging friend.