Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Black and white...and beautiful all over

DSC_0025 - Version 2

Photo 52, Week 33:  Black and White

A friend of mine has been helping me organize my house.
She is amazing.  I owed her big time.
So when she was agonizing about her daughter's senior pictures,
I asked if she would be up for letting me give it a try.
She could always bring in the pros if it was a bust.


I had only met her daughter a time or two.
A bust was not a very real possibility with her!



But dear friends who are the real pros,
I must say hats off to you!


Because though this beauty served me gorgeous shots on a platter,

DSC_0137 - Version 2

if I did this for a living I would make 23 cents an hour.


Editing takes me forever!

DSC_0153 - Version 2

And thank God for black and white!

I hope she liked the pictures.
There is a whole bunch more organizing 
to be done in the very near future!


Deanna said...

Oh these are gorgeous...she will absolutely LOVE them.

Deanna said...

And send this woman my way....organizing your home, I so need that!!

Dayna said...

These turned out so well, you've really come far and so many good outdoor pics with tricky lighting, I'm sure they will be treasured.

Unknown said...

What a beauty! You did a wonderful job. I am really impressed.

Any girl that wears boots is a winner in my book : )

Skeller said...

oh my. she's totally lovely. and so are your pictures of her!! kudos, m'dear!