Thursday, March 15, 2012

Forties Top 40, #35

This week Bethany has been running a fever, and hasn't made it to school at all.  She hasn't been terribly uncomfortable until last night, when I heard her coughing several times during the night.  This was actually one of the first favorites I thought of as I started to ponder my last decade, and it came back to me at 4:07 this morning.

#35:  Recovery from sleep deprivation.


Not that this is a typical 40s experience, but hey.  It's mine.
Here we are, just before I turned 39.


Having our kids close together seemed practical at that age.


I am so glad that even in the days of film 
when I hadn't a clue what I was doing,
I took pictures like a crazy woman.


Because if it weren't for those pictures
I'm not sure I would remember anything
about those days.

I am so thankful my kids finally turned into good sleepers.
After they were two.  Or more.


StitchinByTheLake said...

My middle child didn't sleep for her first two years unless one of us was holding her and we had to be sitting up. Thank goodness for a comfortable rocking chair! She had bronchitis the whole time so if we laid her down she couldn't breathe. Can you say nightmare? I don't remember anything else about those two years except that chair. It was an ugly green. Ugly. I love that chair. blessings, marlene

LauraLiz said...

These are fantastic photos!

Katie said...

Oh, being sick is terrible...having a sick child is even worse! I hope by now she's all over being sick.

And I'm with you on taking a massive amounts of pictures when they were little, even though the shots weren't that great and looking back I wonder why I took some of the ones I did! :) But I'm thankful to have them and agree that I otherwise probably wouldn't remember anything from those first few years, either! :)