Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Vintage


Only a few years before she died at age 101, my grandma wrapped up enough little spoons from her collection to give one to every grandchild for Christmas.  She didn't choose who would get which.  I got this one with a little angel.  So sweet.

2. Word or Quote


I love the quote on this calendar page to go with the painting by Debi Hron.  The whole thing is so filled with hope.  These record-breaking warm days have made me feel even more that way than I normally do.

3. Nature's Own


We went to the zoo today, along with a zillion other people enjoying the summer-like weather.  
This lynx was sitting in perfect light.

4. People


I have been taking tons of pictures of other people lately for the yearbook and basketball.  
I thought I'd photograph my three favorites for this one!

5. Photographer's Choice


Bethany made a scarf out of old t-shirts today--
a project begun in her recycled art class after school.
I couldn't resist this shot.  She's my rainbow girl.


Deanna said...

That spoon is such a special gift. I am sure you treasure it. Love that lynx...zoos are a great spot for pics. Your little rainbow girl with her scarf is so colorful!!

Ashley Sisk said...

I don't think I've ever seen a lynx - great capture.

Kathy Reed said...

That is great lighting in the lynx photo, and I think your philosophy in the quote at the top of your blog is very true...

Nicki said...

I love your vintage spoon, and wonderful captures of both the Lynx and your rainbow daughter.

Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting on my own Hunt photos! Love your vintage photo - I'm sure you treasure that spoon from your grandma. :)

Seizing My Day said...

Stunning shot of the lynx!! ;) and the last shot is wonderful!

Cathy H. said...

Love your set of images! Love the lynx, beautiful animal!! Also, love those rainbow painted nails!! Really cute!!

Sara said...

Lovely set, gorgeous vintage, such a wonderful memory of your grandma. I love that quote and your "choice" is so fun, I love her nail polish colours!