Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Three Dollars' Worth of God

I heard this years ago, but my last post got me thinking about it again.

I would like to buy $3 worth of God, please. Not enough to explode my soul or disturb my sleep, but just enough to equal a cup of warm milk or a snooze in the sunshine. I don't want enough of him to make me love my enemy or pick beets with a migrant. I want ecstasy, not transformation; I want the warmth of the womb, not a new birth. I want a pound of the Eternal in a paper sack. I would like to buy $3 worth of God, please.
--Wilbur Reese


Dear Guest,

I'm glad your search today sent you to "The Journey". I wanted to tell you that this post is by far my most frequently visited because so many people search for Three Dollars Worth of God just like I did before I posted it. It sticks with you, doesn't it? May you find yourself filled to overflowing today, choosing not to be satisfied with the little bit of God that fits into a comfortable box, but instead venturing outside your comfort zone where He is allowed to be wild and untamed, in all his glory.

Blessings to you,
Tracy P.

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