Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ten Amazing Years: "I Got It!!!"

So we're standing on the deck of our cruise ship watching a pod of very active whales.  They are a ways off in the distance, but a friend of ours had loaned us her camera with an extra good zoom lens.  I am poised and ready to shoot. Sure enough, out of the water comes this breeching humpback, and "click" goes my camera at precisely the right millisecond.  Let's just say that there was no one on board who wondered whether I had captured the moment.  Nothing like an exuberant amateur photographer!

Of course, that was back in the dark ages when I had to wait until we got home to know what, exactly, that picture was going to look like. That way I could also share my ecstasy with all of the people at the photo place. I'm sure that they must have been thrilled to share that moment with me. (In fact, I'm sure that each one of them would be clicking on that photo right now to see it bigger. You can too!)

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