Sunday, March 30, 2008

On Clearance Now!

Easter is such a good deal right now.  Only one week later, and it's 75% off.  I even saw 90% off at one store today.  I bet it's gone tomorrow. today, gone tomorrow.  If only they knew what I know. The cross, the love, the sacrifice, and the resurrection were all the sweeter in worship today, precisely because they long outlast the lilies and and the eggs, and speak to the need of every single day.

I'm a mom.  I love to stash things away before holidays that I think will make them more special to my family. Especially ideas for bringing the true meaning of the event to life for my kids.  Often times this makes it more of a busy time and less of a time of personal reflection.  I love it when my kids "get" what Jesus did for them at Easter.  I especially enjoy leaving out the remnants of it to be revisited afterwards when the pace is more relaxed. And most of the time it's well after the dust has settled that it really comes home to rest again in my own heart what He has done for me.

Easter.  In the stores they make it really cheap so they can get rid of it. In Christ, it cost HIM everything, it's available for free every day of the year, and it lasts forever. Thank you Lord, for your precious gift of forgiveness and life!


Unknown said...

Somehow, this reminds me of a post an acquaintance of mine wrote several months ago.

Unknown said...

Hmm, try this link instead (this is an experiment).

Plastic Jesus

Sorry if it doesn't work.

Tracy P. said...

It was a good experiment--how'd you do that? I've often wanted to leave a link on a comment.

That guy's poem had way more meat than my post, I think, so I'm glad that you could see the connection. His poem also reminds me of your last post from a whole different line of thought. Interesting.

Benjamin said...

I'm trying to figure out how to show you what I did without blogger turning it into an actual link. It's been a challenge.

Here's how I did the link:

The standard HTML format for links goes like this:
!a href "your link here"? Text you want to go with the link!/a?

Except replace the ! with < and the ? with >

So, I just used that format to get the link to appear in the comment. Looks like it worked. For "your link here", I put the actual web address, and for "text with the link", I put Plastic Jesus.

Well, that was confusing. Hope you can make sense of it!

Tracy P. said...

Whoa, that is so cool! I think even I can do that. Now I just need to remember where to find this when I actually want to do it. :-)

Unknown said...

Just remember to leave the quotes on "your link here". It doesn't work otherwise.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Oops, and after href, put an =

Tracy P. said...

Wow, who knew I would get such a valuable tutorial on html out of a post on a devalued Easter?! I'll pay you with the money I saved by buying next year's Easter candy last week. (Which is none, because I didn't.) :-)

Tracy P. said...

Hey, Ben--a month and a half later I finally tried this. And it worked! Thanks!