Monday, October 13, 2014

Sweet Togetherness


This couple.
They are dear beyond words.

When I met them they were the parents of teens and tweens.
Now those kids are grown and have little ones of their own.
Their grandparent names are Grandpere and Babbi.  Babs for short.

I was lucky enough to be invited to celebrate a very special evening with
four generations of their family.

Birthday greeting

There were all these young cousins. So sweet.
Just look at all those busy hands!


More outside

The young parents were also very busy!

Outside collage


THIS took some wrangling on the part of at least one mama.
We did it FAST. Totally worth it.


Do you see that beautiful great grandmother looking on?
She is known as Granny. She is the sweetest. Ever.
And she is a prayer warrior.


Sisters.  All by marriage.
Did I mention that this family has some expressive hands?

Indoor 1




There was a birthday celebration in the works here for Babbi.
She couldn't be more dearly loved.
It was also their last gathering for awhile with the whole family.
Their kids are having wonderful opportunities,
calling them elsewhere.


Their nest may be empty, but their hearts are full.
They have given their children a godly heritage.
And wings.  And now they are flying.


Buckeroomama said...

Wow, it looks like such a wonderful get-together. You captured the spirit of the gathering so well. I was smiling as I scrolled through the photos. :)

Creative Heart by Stephanie said...

Beautiful!! I enjoyed this post so much!
I kept scrolling saying this one is my fave .. oh, no this one .. love it! thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

What a fun celebration : ). I am glad you could capture this very special day for such a wonderful family.

Melissa Mae said...

Speechless... I love this family. I love your pictures of them...

Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes - such a wonderful family that I miss seeing on a regular basis. You captured them beautifully, Tracy!


Unknown said...

Awesome post Tracy! Great representation of the theme.

Maddy said...

Oh wow! What a gorgeous family! Grandpere and Babs seem like they are wonderful grandparents and raised a united family. <3

Pam Doughty said...

What a beautiful post! I know they appreciate these photos so much; you captured the essence of family and love here!

/SBA said...

i love the capture of love, and the embodiment of all of the generations in one place in space of time. this is what "magic" to me is all about. the human spirit at it's brightest. beautiful images. (((magical post)))

Skeller said...

omgosh, what a treasure these images are for this family. I feel like you captured a "time capsule" worth of personality/family/quirks/joy/love/laughter at compact moment in time. What a neat celebration!!!

Jan said...

Tracy completely captured a precious moment of our family's life, and these images are such a treasure for us! They are simply priceless--just like the photographer herself! Much love to you, Tracy, and thank you!