Sunday, October 5, 2014



Photo 52, Week 37:  Bold

One of my favorite things this time of year is our Friday night eating out ritual. In the summer we are out on Friday nights, but it's either to baseball tournaments or softball games. Don't get me wrong, I love those too, but there is something just so luxurious about being able to relax at a table with my family with nowhere else to go.  Better yet if it's at Cracker Barrel and they provide the games.  With the new bold colored playing pieces.


Photo 52, Week 39:  Photographer's Delight

The other weekend Bethany and I went to this event for teen girls.  It had great speakers and artists, but the highlight was seeing one of Bethany's favorites, Jamie Grace.  Her music is so catchy, it would be hard not to sing, but I found the lighting effects pretty captivating too.




And belonging in both the bold and delightful categories are these stunning autumn leaves on a gorgeous day before the season's weather caught up with them. Oh my. Best of all, it was a day with my boys.  Did I mention Ben is in high school now?  He is.  And they have a couple of different days off from the middle school.  I love that.  Wonder what I will do in a few weeks when it's Bethany's turn…can't wait!









This post brought to you by foreground, middle ground and background.  
I'm working on taking photos with depth!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Tracy once again your photos are captivating. My favorite is the first one of the game at Cracker Barrel. We have some friends we often go to CB with. The gentleman is about 80 and has memorized how to win that game. He looks all around and when he sees anyone playing he goes to their table to teach them how to win too. :) Great memories! blessings, marlene

Unknown said...

You are my favorite mom. You love the kids so much. Even when you aren't writing about them, you are.

This comment brought to you by a kitchen that is kid free today. And I am feeling sad. : (