Friday, June 27, 2014

Take it as it comes


Photo 52, Week 25:  Shimmering

For sixteen years today


I have been married to this dear, sweet man.
We are not going out on a date.
We are going to separate ball fields.  Happily.
That's about it.


Because if we have learned anything in sixteen years, it's probably this:

Take it as it comes.

So when our kids left to go to camp for a week on Father's Day and we were empty nesters
we celebrated life together.
Which I suppose includes marriage and anniversaries,
but it was really just us taking what the day had to offer.


In this case, the zoo.



Where our friend Kenai was doing his Elvis impression.


And Minnehaha Falls,


where these guys were making some sweet music
when we thought all we came for was this:


Some years the falls have just been a trickle at best,
but not this year.
Life has given us RAIN, so the falls are







I had my tripod along to take advantage of a slow shutter speed for capturing all that motion.


I have seen this shot by quite a few local photographers recently,
with all this smooth silky water, and you know what?
It's beautiful, but...


it just doesn't capture the thunder.


Then we popped over to Lake Nokomis to catch the sunset,


which far exceeded our expectations.


It just kept getting better.
I posted a shot on Photo 52 for the "Shimmering" theme,
and a friend gave it a perfect caption.


I'm hoping to keep taking life as it comes with Lee
for at least a couple more sixteens.


Dea said...

stunning photos! You are amazing! and happy belated anniversary!! I love the capture of the thunder :)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary from Alabama
Cathy B

StitchinByTheLake said...

Happy anniversary - and I'm hoping with you that you have many, many more. In October we will reach number 50 which, I know, is supposed to be a milestone. But honestly these are the easy years. :) blessings, marlene

Unknown said...

Oh my word.

First, can I just say CONGRATULATIONS! That is a long time. I love how happy you look. I am so thankful God has blessed you with this love. What a great joy. Your smiles are priceless.

The pictures are unbelievable. You are getting so good!
But the words- the message of this post- I love it.
It was just what I needed to hear today.

I think marriage is so hard. And to be honest, every year has been so hard so far. I keep waiting for that magically happy place that I see so many other people at, but it does not arrive.

This just reminds me to enjoy the stage we are at. Even if it is not as magical as some other stages, it is where we are at right now.