Tuesday, November 5, 2013



It's been awhile since I have entered one of the iheartfaces.com photo challenges.  It's a little odd that I would choose to do it when they have a pet theme, seeing that we don't have any pets.

Funny thing is, though, that because we visit the zoo so frequently, we joke that all of the zoo animals are our pets.  They get world class care for the measly cost of a membership, and we can go play with them whenever we want.  They honestly seem to love to hang out with us (on opposite sides of the glass!), and for years the kids were sure they knew our names.  We know theirs after all!

We recently got to have a very special up close and personal encounter with three of our "pets".  More about that here.  For now, I give you Ben, with one of his wildcat soul mates.

Photo Challenge Submission

Be sure to check out the amazing pet photos this week at iheartfaces.com.  
They are a gold mine when it comes to all things photography.  
I have learned so much from them!


Kara Abbey said...

wow - amazing image!!! this is such an awesome & rare capture!!

Unknown said...

This picture is awesome! : )
Absolutely awesome.