Monday, December 20, 2010

Digging deep for Jesus

Wow, do I ever have a lot of catching up to do over here. But I'm just trying to keep my priorities straight, ya know?







We REALLY dig Jesus!

And since you made it this far, I'm offering three more pieces of Christmas randomness free of charge:

1. You really haven't lived until you've stood on a stage singing at your church Christmas musical while your kid makes a beeline for the door, followed closely by the kids choir leader, and watched through the windows as he bolts for the bathroom.

2. I get totally distracted if I'm listening to someone read the Christmas story and they say, "...she wrapped him in clothes...". It's CLOTHS. She wrapped him in cloths. NOT a onesie.

3. I cry every time I hear the Hallelujah chorus. Every. Single. Time.

"The kingdom of this world is become the kingdom of our Lord, and of his Christ. And he shall reign forever and ever! Hallelujah!"


Joy said...

Loved the song and watching the pictures. I think the regional songs are so fun. There's one they play here called "There's No White Christmas' in Houston"

Your house looks so pretty decorated. Sorry that baby Jesus got covered up. Get him an electric warming blanket to help melt the snow. I know I know only cloths for Jesus..

Hope you are enjoying your Minnesota Christmas this year. I know you have been out of practice for a couple of years.
Merry Christmas Tracy to you and yours,
♥ Joy

StitchinByTheLake said...

Me too on the Hallelujah Chorus. I am convinced that someday I will be sitting in the Food Court of Heaven having calorie free hamburgers, fries, with cheesecake on the side, and we will all spontaneously burst into the Hallelujah Chorus. And I will be able to sing like Celine Dion. blessings, marlene

Betty W said...

I hope your son is ok by now. That would be totally distracting to see that and I don´t know if I would have stayed on singing...
Me too on the Hallelujah Chorus. So special!
Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and your family!

stefanie said...

love the Hallelujah chorus too. Isaiah 9:6 was instrumental (heh heh) in my becoming a believer.

I think MInnesota has stolen the entire east coast's Christmas whiteness. I don't really mind.

And I just couldn't watch the video because it made me cold to look at it.

Sorry I laughed out loud about the whole beeline thing. I do hope he made it there in time.

Hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas.

Unknown said...

Oh no. So sorry about your sickie. LOVE that you dug for Jesus. I am hanging my head in shame because I always say clothes.... and you are right. I should know better. They didn't even make onsies back then!