Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lost and found

This winter was interesting in the snow category. We had an early snow that stayed, hiding some things that normally get put away in late fall. Then we got totally socked in at Christmas, so that it made no sense whatsoever to try to dig out the buried lights and decorations. In the past week we have had some gorgeous spring-like weather, much earlier than usual, unearthing an interesting array of decor in the neighborhood. Amazing how fast three feet of snow can melt! But also amazing how fast the neighbors get out and clean up when it does. Here's what remained on our walk yesterday.

These people found their discarded Christmas tree.

These people found their driveway...a little too late.

Here, look closer:

These people live on the shady side of the street,
but even so they have managed to rediscover their patriotism.

And we were finally able to take the lights off our shrubs.

Welcome spring! We hope you are really here to stay.
But we'll believe it along about Memorial Day.


Joy said...

That is funny Tracy. I guess I never thought about all the stuff hiding under that mound of snow. I can't believe a cat or some other animal hasn't gotten that fish yet.
Glad you found your Christmas lights.
You could say you are so organized and already prepared for next Christmas having your lights out so early. ;)
♥ Joy

StitchinByTheLake said...

We don't get much snow so things don't get to hide - it's just too darn cold to get out there and move them. I think they thumb their noses at us as we stare from the window. :) blessings, marlene

Betty W said...

Wow, that´s pretty late, for taking down the lights, huh?
And that little fishy is so funny! HOW did he get there! :)

Melissa B. said...

We live on the shady side of the street, too, so our mountains of snow melted a lot more slowly. But it's all gone now, and daffodils are pushing up. Hallelujah! Thanks for sharing these seriously Superior Snaps...

Skeller said...

yikes that WAS quite a winter, wasn't it?!?

I know it might surprise you, but I can really relate with your neighbor on the shady side. We, too, live on the shady side. And in our brutal winters here, our grass thins out a little with the lack of sun. I know. We have it hard. But we suck it up. And we don't complain. ;-)