Saturday, January 30, 2010

If I had been on Twitter this morning...

Even though I hardly consider my stream of consciousness something that a sane person would subject himself or herself to (yes, dangling preposition), I oddly (and a little disturbingly) found myself thinking in tweets this morning:

8:03 AM (Well, actually 7:53 because our bedroom clock is ten minutes fast): Wow, what I wouldn't give to come out of my room and find both of my kids reading EVERY day. My little teacher's heart is going pitter-patter!

8:42 AM: Aaah, lefse, the perfect breakfast food. With fresh coffee. I wonder when I'll have time to put together that blog post with the video tutorial about how to make lefse.

8:47 AM: I wonder if there is a way to teach my kids that if their sibling happens to get a bigger piece of lefse, rather than go on attack against the sibling they could eat their piece and then politely ask for more if they want it. Yeah, there has to be.

9:13 AM: Lee and Ben just left for Ben's basketball game. Ben says the team they are playing lost a game last week 35-8, and Ben's team played neck and neck with the team that beat them.

Me: Should be a good game.
Ben: Not a GOOD game. I mean, we should win, but...
Me: You think you might cream them?
Ben (giggles): Yeah.

9:56 AM: How great is it that I can now drop Bethany off at the door for gymnastics, and she can find her way in and get herself signed in on time while I go park.

10:13 AM: They are playing Christian music on the radio during Bethany's gymnastics class! Who knew this would be the most relaxing hour of my day? Thank you Coach Jason!!!

10:21 AM: My daughter is flying through the air with the biggest grin on her face. She takes my breath away.

10:35 AM: The girl in Bethany's group in the purple leotard has the most amazing build and grace and spunk for gymnastics. Beautiful! I LOVE watching people do what they were created to do. When do the Olympics start? We need to rent "Chariots of Fire" before that. I will never forget the part when Eric Liddell tells his sister, "God made me fast, Jenny, and when I run I feel his pleasure." Awesome.

11:02 AM: Lee just called, and I asked if Ben had a good game. He said, "Yes. Well, not GOOD, but they won." 28-2 or something. Dude, those poor other coaches. And parents. Not to mention the players.

11:10 AM: Bethany and I are sitting in front of a sunny window at Starbucks in Target, courtesy of Bethany's teacher who gave me a gift card for Christmas for volunteering, which is totally a reward in itself. So unnecessary. But I'm sure glad today!

11:22 AM:

Me (thinking out loud): Wow, I'm glad we hardly ever come to Target on Saturdays! Do they always have huge pallets of cartons in the middle of the aisles on the busiest day of the week? Crazy!

Bethany (keying in on the last part): Of course it's busy Mom! It's the last day of January, and people have to get ready to welcome February! It will be the 14th soon, you know.

11:47 AM: Whew, we got into a good line. What was I thinking only bringing in one reusable bag? No one gets out of Target with only one bag!

11:52 AM: Yea for young male cashiers! He got it all into one bag. :-)

11:58 AM: On our way home. Awesome morning. My blog readers would hate me and never come back if I started posting all of the "tweets" that run through my head.

I hereby promise not to start posting frequent Twitter streams. You're welcome!


Dea said...

haha i found your day so far quite interesting. That may be from the lack of excitement in mine but i would find all your tweets interesting =]

Dea said...
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Betty said...

I agree with Dea, this was pretty interesting.
You should do this once a week. That way we would really get an "insight" into your life.

Momma to Many said...

Thanks for stopping my brand new blog. I am looking forward to meeting people. I love your tweets! Your blog is beautiful and I went back and read a bunch of your posts. I am going to to over to and see what it is about. I am such a newbie at all this. I like your scripture from over on the side. I would like to do something like that. I look forward to visiting your blog.

Joy said...

My Tweet back:

9:23 p.m. hmmm I wonder when Tracy will make that video tutorial on how to make her scrumptious lefse.

9:24 p.m. I love when I hear Christian music in unexpected places too.

Anyway, this was really cute Tracy, I can just see Bethany out there loving her gymnastics.

Hey, we have Starbucks at our new Target too.
♥ Joy

Melissa B. said...

Lefse? Out of SEASON? You must have frozen it, huh? Or are you of a mind to concoct harder-than-heck Norwegian treats at the drop of a lefse board? You SHOULD have been on Twitter this a.m. I Tweeted my inservice. Think I'll write a trashy novel...

StitchinByTheLake said...

Tracy I just can't imagine tweeting - it's time I'm struggling with just to blog! But yours were perfect put together for a post. I love the idea and I hope you do it again. blessings, marlene