Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The real reason I blog

We are home from our holiday journey. Over 3200 miles in 16 days. If you are driving that far, you really need some friendly faces along the way. We did have some old friends to see on the road in Atlanta and Missouri, but the more your kids can interact with other kids besides each other, the better off you are! (And let's face it, a little extra adult interaction doesn't hurt AT ALL!) Bloggy friends to the rescue!

After our first long day's drive, we landed in St. Louis, home to the sweet and hilarious Michelle from Girl Outnumbered. Her family met us at the City Museum, where our kids climbed around the "crystal cave" to their hearts' delight. We had so much fun!

We pretty nearly closed the place down.

Then in Florida, we met up with Joy, from Joy in the Burbs, and her family. We were all there visiting our parents.

Look at us. We are exact opposites! But we are the heads and tails of the same coin.

We got together and let our kids and husbands play at the park while we chatted until the wind got the best of us. Well, it got the best of them. Joy and I would have gone on until dark without noticing. But we just moved it inside to a restaurant.

Lee told our parents that he felt like he was going to meet a stalker. (Thanks, Honey. I think you were in good company with the other husbands.) But he had to admit that these people probably know us better than most of the families we see all the time in our neighborhood, church, and ball games, because of my blog. He also had to admit that he had fun with them.

My first post, almost three years ago, spoke of my attraction to blogging because I have found that in many cases, it takes things below the surface. Small talk is not my strong suit, so I love that. But it's also given me friends all over the country...and the world! Friends who provide a lively diversion for our travel weary kids. Now THAT is reason enough to blog.

Thanks, Michelle and Joy, for taking time out to give us a great time on our trip! And thanks a million, Debbie, for introducing us!


Joy said...

What a great post Tracy, Yes, thanks a million Debbie for introducing us.
I'm glad you got to stop at the museum and meet the other family. That looked like great fun. Love the lighting with those pictures by the rocks. (I guess that's the name for them.;0)
I'm so glad we met up. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Now Lee can rest assure that your blogger friends aren't stalkers. :)

You know I've had the same conversations with Buster. haha.

Great post. Mine will be done hopefully by the end of the week.
♥ Joy

Givinya De Elba said...

Great post! Looks like a wonderful holiday in the sun (I know that at your place the bubbles freeze,) and how great to meet up with Joy! Two of my bloggy friends, from what I am assuming are opposite ends of the USA. I'm just basing that on your freezing bubbles and Joy's accent! Let me know if I'm wrong, it happens frequently :)

Melissa Mae said...

How exciting! It was obvious to me that you and Joy make a great pair and I'm so happy that you got to meet up to talk, laugh, and (I'm sure with a southerner in the mix) give hugs! :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm so jealous you got to meet up with blog friends! There are so many who have become parts of my life, I know meeting them would be like running into my sister. blessings, marlene

Melissa B. said...

Maybe you'll make it out DC way some day...we'd love to show you around. Superior Snaps!

SKELLER said...

awwwwww. I totally relate. Meeting blog friends is a special treat. (and, oh yeah, I've dragged Big Dude along a couple times, too). :-)