Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back to my roots (which rhymes with "puts", don'tcha know)

Today Bethany asked me to make some lefse (that's LEF-suh for you non-Scandehuvian types). I'd been meaning to do this for quite awhile anyway, and a Saturday with no plans was the perfect time.

My Great-Grandma and Grandpa Nerison came over on The Boat from Norway, so I think I automatically inherited lefse-loving genes. I'm told that Grandma N. made it, but I can't say I remember it. She was the first to let me pick two squares out of her fabric box and show me how to sew them together, though. I definitely remember that.

Anyway, the only lefse I ever remember eating was store bought--Mrs. Olson's, to be exact. I wonder what Grandma thought of that! At any rate, considering that I went out of my way to embrace my heritage by actually buying a lefse griddle with our wedding money and learning how to make it, she would probably forgive me for the fact that I use the recipe that calls for instant mashed potatoes instead of fresh.

A friend and colleague of mine volunteered her mom to teach a bunch of us how make it one day after school. Apparently all da Norwegian ladies made it wit der leftover mashed potatoes, which I s'pose dey had purt' near every night. Ya, let's just say I purt' near never have leftover mashed potatoes. Uff da, dat's too much work! So the instant is perfect for me!

To think that I never ate lefse warm when I was young, and I loved it even then! Now when we put the butter and brown sugar on it, and it all melts together when we roll it up, it is like a little piece of heaven! It sure is fun to imagine Grandma up there watching.

Here, you should try a bite. It's scrumptious!

Oh, and one more thing. All this lefse talk has me thinking about listening to Boone and Erickson on WCCO when we were kids, with all their Sven and Ole jokes. I don't remember any of those, but I do remember the time when Ole moved across the border to Iowa. It raised the average IQ in both states, we were told. Ya, you betcha.

Note:  Since this posting we have made a video and posted a recipe.  Lefse 101


Mammatalk said...

Yum. That looks very Dutch. My hubby is from Amsterdam and boy, do those Dutchies know how to make pancakey type treats.

Yum. Have a bite for me.

WheresMyAngels said...

That is the only language I can say more than two sentences in. I can say three!! lol

Betty said...

Looks scrumptious!

A Thinker said...

Wonderful post! I'd never heard of lefse until I moved here so this is a great post for the non-Minnesotans reading. So 2 thoughts:

1) (besides the Bible of course) is this where you got the inspiration for Bethany's beautiful name? I'm thinking all those warm fuzzy thoughts of your Grandma might have led you to think it was the perfect name for your daughter. (And Bethany will be disappointed to learn that most cooking supplies don't come

2) Those are some serious lefse making supplies! I'm thinking you could make some scrumptuous French crepes with that griddle too.

Melissa B. said...

Mr. Fairway is quite proud that he's from 100% Norskie stock. He used to get quite perturbed when I confused Lefse and Lutefisk. Glad to know you're not the only one who makes Christmas treats out of season! BTW, please add your 5 cents' worth over at Sx3 today, OK?

Joy said...

Tracy, that bite der at the end is just not fair. Those look wonderful. I love your story and your Norwegian lingo that I really haven't heard too much before to tell you the truth. That griddle looks wonderful. I love kitchen stuff.

You'll have to post the recipe for these ok. I don't yhink I've ever
had these.


StitchinByTheLake said...

I'd love to see the recipe for this too! blessings, marlene

Michelle said...

Whatever that is, it looks reeeeaaallly good.

And I think it took me twice as long to read this post than normal, because I was trying to say the words out loud, ya know, to get the whole effect. I'm weird.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

BOONE AND ERICKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh I had forgotten about them! Oh my listening to 'CCO on gramma's bedroom radio.

OH I'm just going to sit here and think fondly of those days...

Bless you for the reminders!

Marrdy said...

I love the Dutch talk! And those look delish! Can you make these with a skillet or fry pan?