Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Day


Here in Minnesota, we have spring days.
I know it sounds obvious, but what I mean is, spring isn't really a season here.
It comes and it goes. And comes and goes.
We really had a week of spring days, all strung together this week.
It was glorious. 
And not predicted to last. So I HAD to get out and enjoy it.

Willow trio

This was the week that the little light green buds emerged.
I love them so much.



People watching

Lake Nokomis is one of my favorites.
There were a lot of interesting people down there yesterday.
I can't remember what this woman called her shoe/boot thingies,
but she could sure move on them.
The Nokomis Beach Coffee Cafe' was a hub of activity too.


Here's something interesting I learned:
we have coots in Minnesota.
I had no idea.  I totally had to look that up.
Not bad for an old coot.


Apparently I wasn't the only one who returned with my family in the evening.
This was the line at the Sandcastle.
We did not eat there.



There was softball.


And then walking.  To ice cream, of course.


We saw this couple enjoying the late evening sun in this.
I don't know what it's called, but I am pretty sure Lee and I need one.

Silhouette attempt

Unfortunately, I didn't instill in my children a reverence 
for the awesomeness of a great silhouette when they were little.
So this was our feeble attempt at that.


And then we drove off into the sunset.


Monday, April 13, 2015

The Creativity Project: Pastel


The theme for April at The Creativity Project is "Pastel".
What says pastel like a brand new baby?


I got to go meet this one a few weeks ago just after his grandparents
got to the hospital with his big brothers.
The nurse was giving them their "Big Brother" bracelets at that very moment.

Checking on mom

First on their agenda was to check in with Mom to make sure she was doing OK.
(She let Dad and Gram and Gramps share Baby Brother with them 
so they wouldn't accidentally climb up on the bed and start bouncing.
Because boys.)


Next up was sharing a special gift with Baby Brother.
Because "Goodnight Moon".  Obviously.
Can a baby be without?

Gram and boys

And then there were introductions all around.
All while Baby Brother slept.

Baby bro 8




Baby Brother is in VERY good hands.


Last week I went to HOLD Baby Brother.
I've been waiting a long time for that!


He is an angel.


And as I sat there holding him,
Big Brother said, "Aren't you gonna take some pictures?"
Big Brother has known me all his life,
if you couldn't tell.


He really wanted to help me take pictures, so I handed him my phone.


And then I got distracted by the fun of Big Brother and Little brother doing what they do.
Because, uh, that's what I do.

Phone pic duo


Big Brother even asked me what that thing I was twisting was for.
So I showed him how to zoom in with my lens.
He is going to be a photographer.


Baby Brother had a happy dream,


and then a rude awakening, so I took that as my cue.

This baby is amazingly blessed with parents and grandparents
and oh so many people in his life
who will treasure the beautiful way God made him
and teach him that Jesus loves him more than life itself.

All of this (sort of) pastel cuteness was brought to you by The Creativity Project.
Next up in the circle is Pam, who, by the looks of her post,
 might have been vacationing with me unaware recently!
Her photos are dreamy!
From there you can visit all of the regular contributors.
We would love to have you post your own pastel photo
on The Creativity Project Facebook Page.