Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Problem or opportunity?

Ben had a problem. He loves root beer. But it is the foamiest stuff.

This year at school he had the opportunity to come up with the solution. He has been one busy boy!

This past weekend he got to introduce his "Root Beer Lever" to the world at the Inventor's Fair:

I have to say, it is more than a little surreal to be dropping MY KID off to show his stuff off to the judges ON HIS OWN before the public display. He's only ten, and now he and his peers are solving the world's problems. Franklin and Edison would be proud.


Daily Bread said...

We need video! I want to see Ben's masterpiece in action!

Tracy P. said...

Good point. The project is at school, but I'll get him to do a demo when it comes home. :-)

Destini said...

How cool is that! I love the creativity of children! :) Seems that it could serve our government well to have some children as advisors! Most of the elected ones do not play fair by playground rules ;)

Joy said...

I'd like to see his invention too.
What a great idea. Looks like he had lots of interested rootbeer lovers come by.
It's funny to see Bethany right there checking everything out and peeking around to see what he's doing.
That jacket on her head is such a Leah look too. It cracks me up.

Good Job Ben!
♥ Joy

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh wow, I love it! I will be his first customer.

Donna E said...

Wow,that's so wonderful,now if I could get some of that to rub off on my teen.....he always has wonderful ideas,but never goes forward.Moms encouragement isn't enough,will share Ben's invention maybe he'll get braver.Love it congrats to your lil'inventer!

SKELLER said...

Franklin, Edison, and [wait for it] ... Susan Keller!!! So impressed :-)