Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flying South

Not us. Yet. But tons of birds got the memo last week that winter was indeed coming to the tundra, and decided they better get going. Bunches of them stopped in our yard for a snack. That very same day, some of the winter birds seemed to come out and bid them goodbye. Or were they reestablishing their domain? At any rate, here's what I saw:

Bye robin!

Hello, Ms. Cardinal!

Bye little black bird I've never seen before!

Bye woodpecker!

Well hello Mr. Bluejay! You know, you would look
STUNNING right here, mingling with the crabapples!
I'll wait....

What? You would rather go hang out in the neighbor's yard with Mr. Cardinal? Well, I won't be able to get a very great shot all the way over there!

OK, could you at least turn around?

What, you're mooning me now?

OK, so I realize I'm not in control, but at least I'm still young and idealistic.


Betty W said...

You have beautiful birds! I guess they don´t fly all the way south to us, because I´ve never seen any like that around here....

Dea said...

haha i love this post!!! What great pictures and the captions make it all the more better!

StitchinByTheLake said...

What beautiful pictures! Are the crabapples in your yard? I've never tried it but I've been told crabapple jelly is scrumptious. :) blessings, marlene

Joy said...

Wow you had the United Nations of Birds meeting in your yard haha.
Love that blue Jay. I see lots of cardinals down here but occasionally a Blue Jay.

Great pictures. Their little bellies look pretty full.

♥ Joy

The Accidental Housewife said...

Oh goodness! Those birds are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Skeller said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

did you know that there's a huge group of fanatical bird photographers?

when we were at the Salton Sea earlier this year, I saw masses of them, all set up in "blinds" in the bushes with multi-thousand-dollar LONG lenses ... all to capture birds.

and I can tell you, they did NOT like my dog!

you're lucky to have such gorgeous specimens right outside your window!!

btw, I adore your Christmas blog idea. I might have to try that next year!!!