Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fool (a little forced perspective fun)


Photo 52, Week 14:  Fool

You may remember last month, when I had some theme issues with Photo 52.
This month I solicited input from the other participants.  One of the themes was "fool".
Bethany (you know, my camera-allergic 11-year-old)
came up with the idea of forced perspective.
Well, she didn't call it that, but she was willing to crush her brother's head.
Forget actually moving to a place with decent lighting, 
making her brother put his shirt back on,
or anything like that.
She wasn't THAT willing.


I had to go back in the archives to some other shots we've done over the years.









This one happened completely by accident.
The only editing was the addition of text.
The coach's wife appreciated it.

Must try more of these this summer when we are out and about!

If you've never tried fooling around with forced perspective, here's a great place to start!


HJ said...

These are so great!! The head crushing just cracks me up!! Their faces are just perfect!! When I was trying to figure out doing this, I was thinking the cherry and spoon would be great - indeed it is! So fun to see yours!! My attempts just look like poor R just doing something weird w/ his arms... :-)

Tracy P. said...

Yes, you have to have a fairly fast shutter so when both you and your subject are in the right position you can snap it fast, but you also want a narrow aperture so everything is in focus. Requires high ISO!

Lisa said...

These are great photos and great ideas. I'm joining your blog so I can find it again. :)