Monday, April 15, 2013

April Showers

Photo 52, Week 16:  April Showers

This week I am playing with layers.  I took a few different photos of rain over the last couple of weeks, and decided to use them as textures over possibly my favorite spring flower photo ever of last year's crocuses.  May flowers are coming, after all, right?  But I'm torn...which one should I use for this week's post?

April showers 1

#1 Drops on window

April showers 2

#2 Drops on puddle

April showers 3

#3 Streaming down window

Which one's your favorite?  Got any other ideas for me?

By the way, this isn't very hard to do at all.  I did it in Photoshop Elements.
All the instruction I had is right here.  For free!  I love generous photographer bloggers!


Deanna said...

I think I like the first one the shows off the beauty of the crocuses!! Happy Spring (someday) said...

I like one as the flower is beautiful itself why hide it.

HJ said...

My gut reaction: WOWzers!!!! You're amazing!!

HJ said...

And now for a slightly more possibly helpful comment, I like the first one the best. :-)

Tracy P. said...

Sparkle, I posted the flowers on their own last March. I love them without the rain too. This time, I'm using the photograph for an April Showers themed challenge. I wanted to show the hopeful result of the April showers, which with any kind of luck will be May flowers. No crocuses are blooming yet!

HJ--You could totally do this. It is not hard. I will send you a link to a great tutorial.

Skeller said...

I can see why you're torn! I like the first two best, with the first slightly edging out the second as my fav. Beautiful!