Friday, April 5, 2013

March Photographer's Choice


Photo 52, Week 13:  Photographer's Choice

You've already seen the tulip macros that I used for Photographer's Choice this month, 
so I thought I would throw in a little recap of spring break and Easter to go with it.


Ben woke up on Thursday of spring break, asking for lefse.  
Which was very random of him.
I told him I'd make it if he would help me.  
He said he would.  
That was even MORE random.


And funny, and just a little awkward because Bethany is the lefse maker.


So of course when she awoke and learned what was going down,
she felt compelled to supervise.
That went over well.


To be even more random, we did a Facebook experiment.

We invited anyone and everyone to come over for lefse.
Eight people came.  Not bad for last minute on a Thursday.

I didn't take pictures because once the kids had friends arrive, 
I was busy cranking out the fresh lefse.


And of course there was the egg dying.


I loved how Bethany had to label the nine colors.
Once you put them in the colored cups,
it can be confusing, after all.


Lee took over the camera for a little while so I could do my thing.
He was a little miffed when I photo bombed this one of Bethany and her egg.
I would do it again.


DSC_0198 - Version 2

We went out for Easter brunch this year.  
We go back and forth between eating out and eating in.
Since we didn't do the cooking
we had the time and energy to do a little dessert decorating 
at my sister's afterwards.



From now on I vote for brunch out every year.


Melissa Mae said...

I love this post, but more than anything, I love Bethany in the last picture.... what a beautiful young lady!

Tracy P. said...

Thanks, Melissa! She kinda takes my breath away. She loves Aunt Dayna! :-)

HJ said...

Wish we could have come!! I think my favorite is the one of Bethany w/ you photo bombing!! Too cute!!! I really like the one of Bethany supervising, too... :-)

HJ said...

PS - you should definitely photo bomb more often!!! :-)

Tracy P. said...

Thanks HJ! I can only photo bomb when someone else is holding the camera. Doesn't happen that often. ;-)

Skeller said...

hehe for photo bombing (Go, You!). and double hehe for Bethany supervising BigBro ;-).