Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The log in my own eye

On more than one occasion I have taken part in conversations with people who I would roughly consider my age group peers, in which there was a collective lament over the "entitlement" mentality of the generations following ours.

A couple of these conversations replayed themselves this morning in my head as I groggily opened Facebook to see what kind of a start the day was off to.  (It's my traditional way of deciding whether to go back to bed or not.)  If you are on Facebook, you probably know what I discovered.  NO, I didn't go back to bed.  It was kind of fascinating to see what people were saying--if you could get your screen to hold still long enough to see it.  If you are not on Facebook, I'll just summarize by saying there is (another) new "new Facebook".

You know what struck me?  It was not the "entitlement" generation that was commenting about the new changes.  I suspect they were too busy figuring it out and dealing with it.  Some of the others of us were a little offended that  Facebook would make unsolicited changes to OUR pages, WITHOUT our permission--you know the pages that they provide free of charge to us, with the obvious understanding that we are making ourselves the object of their sponsors' marketing schemes.  The pages that have helped me keep up in real time with loved ones all over the world and reconnect with numerous people that I could NEVER have found with out them.

Oh, I was right there feeling a little frustrated too.  But this picture came to my mind as I thought of all the younger people who were not complaining.


You know what they say...if you point one finger at someone else, you've got three more pointing right back atcha.

If my kids adopt an attitude of entitlement, which they very well may, I will not need to look past my own front door or into any screens for the culprit.

Lord, thank you for showing me the log in my own eye this morning.  And please remind me that the generations after me are now seeing every single word I write on Facebook, including the ones I post and then take back.

P.S. to the generations after me:  You've been inspiring me for a long, long time.  Thank you!!


Life with Kaishon said...

Ha Ha : )
I can not believe how many people are complaining. It is crazy! I thought the same thing you did. This is a free page. If we don't like it, we can shut down our page.

Crazy Sister said...

I think every generation feels that way about the following ones. Yet century after century, the young generations keep taking the world forward...

Or something, I don't know, I'm really tired!

Tracy P. said...

Actually, CS, I think you've hit the nail on the head! Which might mean you're an older generation now, because I think that being tired might be their (our) biggest issue. :-)