Friday, February 26, 2010

Green is my new favorite color

A few weeks ago Ben brought home a permission slip for a ski day with his class. It made me have to answer a question that had been looming in my mind for a few years: Will I ever ski again, or is it one of those things I used to do when I was young? Being courageous and all, I let Ben decide by asking him whether he wanted me to go. His answer? YES!! Hard to say no to that!

Yesterday was the moment of truth. I was more than a little nervous. My last ski outing had been about 18 years ago. And a few years before that, I had a ski injury that required major knee surgery. But my biggest apprehension was in not knowing over these many years, what had changed? I drove to the ski area early enough to have a good look around before the buses arrived.

I was relieved to discover one thing that had not changed:

So far, so good, I thought. I had been a blue square skier in my teens and twenties. Once I got my skis under me, I would be fine. I was nagged just a little, however, by the thought of skiing with ten-year-old first time skiers who may or may not take the time to observe the signs at the top of the hill.

Here's the synopsis of what happened:

1. The lesson they gave in the morning was fabulous, and the kids did AMAZING for their first time.

2. I still remembered how to ski. (Did you hear the huge sigh of relief?)

3. I kept Ben and a friend after the buses went back to school to ski for a while longer with another mom and two more kids.

4. The kids were pretty good about staying safe, and were happy on the green circle hills.

5. The other mom led us here to our first blue square hill. Looks pretty tame from the bottom.

Here's the view from the top:

Taken right after Ben disappeared over the edge. I had to stop and take a picture, because I. could. not. watch.

When I got to where I could see, Ben and his buddy were at the bottom. Happy. Thrilled, actually. The other mom was helping her kid after he wiped out. But of course, he was fine.

Is it just me, or are the blue square hills more like the black diamond hills of my youth? Regardless, when you see one called Lookout, there might be a reason for it.

6. Here are three kids who are eagerly awaiting their next chance to go skiing.


Skeller said...

Just like riding a bike ... ;-)

Betty said...

Looks like fun! glad you had a good time.

Dea said...

WOW! all seems scary to me, ive never been skiing lol. But i am glad Ben and you had fun and stayed safe!

Joy said...

Way to go Tracy! I never did very well on skis. I wish I could. I always stayed on the bunny hill. I doubt I will ever get back on them. Glad you did and had fun.
I bet Ben did have fun. He's so coordinated and athletic. I can just see him catching on fast.
Looked like a beautiful day to ski.
♥ Joy