Thursday, February 18, 2010

More flurries

But this time not snow flurries. Just a flurry of activity. The kids had a five-day weekend with the Monday holiday plus conferences, and we found plenty to do. My own schedule has been packed lately too, with volunteering at school and lots of other incidental things. I am trying to slow it down a bit to regain a better focus. More about that soon. First I needed to post the pictures of what we've been up to. After all, I'm the Closure Queen.


Janette said...

Beautiful pictures!! I miss the science museum...looks like you had a good weekend!!

Givinya De Elba said...

Wow! What a great weekend! That all looked so interesting. Those Valentine's cookies are making me hungry now.

Joy said...

You have been busy! I know the feeling. Looks like a fun busy for you all. I love museums. Good for you for going to the Art Museum. I love those.
Leah has that pink pig webkinz and she loves it. It is her favorite. She sleeps with it every night. Do you remember the post when we couldn't find Pinky. Oh my goodness finally a couple of days later. I found it in my bathroom cabinet sitting on top of toilet paper. Love the farm pictures too. How fun to go visit. I want some chickens!
♥ Joy