Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vive la difference!!!

Wow, I just had an aha moment! It's been a year since I used my YouTube account. I've been uploading videos straight to Blogger because I hated the related video feature that would take you who knows where after you watched my video. But I hated the quality of my lefse video even more, so I decided to see if it was any better uploaded to YouTube. It was SOOO much better! Plus, YouTube is all different now. You can deselect related videos, and it doesn't have the annoying YouTube logo in the corner throughout the video. THANK YOU, YouTube! You totally read my mind!

Here are my last two video posts with new and MUCH improved know, in case you were interested:

How to Make Lefse
Introducing Kevin


Julie said...

i didn't know you could turn off the related sites... I will have to check that out... thanks for sharing!

Givinya De Elba said...

I bet they're great, but it tells me it is a private video and I have to "accept the sender's fried request" before I can see them. So until I work out what means, I can't meet Kevin!

How nice of you, to name your new pet after the Australian Prime Minister.

Tracy P. said...

Nice to have good friends! I fixed the privacy settings. Thanks, Kate!