Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Girl

Meet Bethany.  Age 7.  Sweet thing.

Maker of friends.

Daring, high adventure girl.

Explorer of boundaries.

Attentive to detail.  Take note:

Bethany's Fancy Sandwiches

Carefully selected shapes.

Variety of fillings.

Presentation is everything. (Note color coordination.)
Her Grandma Rae would be proud. :-)

I'm crazy about her.


WheresMyAngels said...

She is so cute! loving the photo of her with her friends, aren't those costumes adorable.

Michelle said...

Ooh, I'll have a Jell Y one!

Heather said...

This last picture is too precious!! Look at her sweet face.

Marrdy said...

Love her smile!!

Destini said...

Thanks for all of the encouragement you've sent my way. It has been a rough couple of months, but thanks to God's grace, I'm handling it minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.

I have been neglectful of my bloggie friends lately and had a lot of reading to do! Your children are so precious :) I once had someone tell me (after commenting on how different children raised in the same household are) that children are like Christmas gifts...how much fun would you have on Christmas morning if every present under the tree were the same? That is so true. Each child brings such flair and joy to the family. Keep enjoying and celebrating those two! :)

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Tracy, you can tell that she is a sweet thing. She is precious. Her sandwiches look pretty appetizing. I know Bethany and my Leah would be fast friends. They both look like they have the same interest. I'm sure they could play for hours.


Veggie said...

And Your Girl is a "star" on the Pop'rs Network, too! Love the tribute!

Tracy P. said...

Joy, Bethany is all set to meet Leah, and she wants to know when you're coming!

Melissa B. said...

What a sweet, sweet child...she has quite a "presence." Perhaps like her Mama?

stefanie said...

Oh, that face! What an amazing girl.

I was a gymnast too. I can feel that beam under my feet...