Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ten Amazing Years: First Anniversary

Here we are on our first anniversary in one of my favorite places.  The trails at Gooseberry Falls were a little more interesting to navigate at seven months pregnant.  In fact, some other hikers looked downright nervous when we started the ascent back up from Lake Superior.  No problem.  Ben was born ten days late, and would barely be coerced from the womb at that point.  (But that's a whole different story!)

I was 36 years old, and had just closed down my 15 year teaching career.  It was at this point that I lost almost all of my previous identity.  But I've discovered that the background is a very comfortable place for me.  And although I still get a lot of satisfaction from all that I accomplished in my former life, I think I enjoy the freedom to dream of and explore the possibilities before me even more. But this time along with the loves of my life.


A Thinker said...

You were HIKING at 7 months? Ok, I have a whole new respect for you now...lol. I can't even make it up off my couch at not even 6 months. You go girl. Love the flashes back in time. Keep 'em coming. And I'm all for the idea of combining the blog - saves me a step in keeping up with you!

Felicia Eis said...

Oh My Gosh how fun!! I went hiking on our first anniversary pregnant too!!! I was further along as I was two weeks away from delivery. SOOO FUN :D