Friday, June 13, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Day 1:  Friday, June 13

(Good thing we're not superstitious!)

Potential season-ending injury.  We'll keep you posted.
(And look at him still smiling.  Bless his little heart!!)


A Thinker said...

Crutches?!! Oh no! Tell Benjamin that a day at the zoo would have been much more fun! So now we need a stroller for my Ben and a wheelchair for your Ben! I pray he feels better soon. :)

MaryD said...

Yikes! We see the crutches... clearly something with the leg... but we need more details!!! (Whoever said a picture's worth a thousand words is not divinely inspired!)

(p.s. tracy, could you consider getting rid of the word verification on your comments? it's so annoying!)

Rph Mommy said...

Oh no!!! Guess it's time to be creative with summer fun this year! Hope he's feeling okay!

Tracy P. said...

About the's a probable broken toe (orthopedic opinion being sought early in the week). He has an air cast for now. There are a few things on the xray that indicate it's broken, but each is potentially a "normal variant".

About the word verification...I added it because I got a few comments that were obviously computer generated, and one was very, very profane. So 'fraid not. Sorry!