Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Day


Here in Minnesota, we have spring days.
I know it sounds obvious, but what I mean is, spring isn't really a season here.
It comes and it goes. And comes and goes.
We really had a week of spring days, all strung together this week.
It was glorious. 
And not predicted to last. So I HAD to get out and enjoy it.

Willow trio

This was the week that the little light green buds emerged.
I love them so much.



People watching

Lake Nokomis is one of my favorites.
There were a lot of interesting people down there yesterday.
I can't remember what this woman called her shoe/boot thingies,
but she could sure move on them.
The Nokomis Beach Coffee Cafe' was a hub of activity too.


Here's something interesting I learned:
we have coots in Minnesota.
I had no idea.  I totally had to look that up.
Not bad for an old coot.


Apparently I wasn't the only one who returned with my family in the evening.
This was the line at the Sandcastle.
We did not eat there.



There was softball.


And then walking.  To ice cream, of course.


We saw this couple enjoying the late evening sun in this.
I don't know what it's called, but I am pretty sure Lee and I need one.

Silhouette attempt

Unfortunately, I didn't instill in my children a reverence 
for the awesomeness of a great silhouette when they were little.
So this was our feeble attempt at that.


And then we drove off into the sunset.



Lucy said...

This was great! I felt like I went with you!! However, I missed the warmth of the sun AND talking to my friends, both of which would have made for a wonderful day!!! Great picture story, Tracy!!

Tracy P. said...

Thank you, Lucy! It would have been fun to have you along!

Randaksela said...

ŁaŁ! Amazing photos. Especially when You are under the trees and near the water. This must be great day for all of You.
Greetings from southern Polish
Check out my piece of the Internet

Life with Kaishon said...

Everything about this post made me smile. If I had extra money I would buy you that boat at once. I hope you get one soon. XO XO XO

Happy Monday to beautiful you.

glaucia said...

These are all so lovely. I, too felt like you took me along. And I hope one day, you get that boat for you and Lee, or he gets it for you!