Thursday, April 9, 2015

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Everyone has a story.

Their own way of being, doing, working, playing, loving. Their one life to live.

Some are music makers, some are game players, some bakers, food and flower growers, animal lovers, faith builders, mountain climbers, rock collectors…you get the idea. So many different ways of expressing who we are.

During these years I have been working to learn photography--these years that I've spent documenting the stories of my own family--I've discovered more natural beauty in the world around me than I ever imagined. Most of all, I've found it in people. 

Lifestyle photography is my way of celebrating all this beauty. It's not formal, posed, scripted.  It's people being themselves, doing what they do, interacting with each other. It's also the details around them while they're doing it. That's it. Call it what you will: candid, photojournalistic, casual, spontaneous.

I call it art.  It's me, documenting the art that is you.

I'm hoping to capture many more stories in the weeks and months ahead!  Find out more at Tracy Patterson Photography!

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Skeller said...

Happy sigh. Happy for you, happy for those who will hire you to capture their stories. I love your vision. And your website looks fabulous!