Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break: Tampa and Beyond


We proceeded up the Gulf Coast to Tampa, where we camped out at our friends' house.
It would have been even better if they had been there.
But we had no trouble making ourselves at home. We were pretty lazy except for one day.

Discovery Cove

That was the day Bethany and I went to Discovery Cove in Orlando
to check swimming with the dolphins off our bucket list.
It was such a cool place!
Unfortunately my phone could not come with me for the dolphin part...


…but the bird part was really equally cool!

Bethany Quad

Seriously, all the different colors,

Cuckoo trio

shapes, sizes, patterns?


That place just echoed with God's laughter in delight of his creation.

Peacock Trio

Parroty duo



Bird 12 square


Spring Training

That night I dropped Bethany off and joined the boys to welcome baseball season at Steinbrenner Field.
They were hosting the Tigers.  Of course!
And then, we relaxed a little more and came home, where we are ready to play ball!
The end.


Skeller said...

wow Wow WOW, what an adventure - those birds!!! so amazing, so beautiful, the colors & detail so intricate!

Anonymous said...

Love all the unique birds...and how fun to hold them and have them perch on you!