Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Forties Top 40, #34

If you've seen this tree once
you've seen it a thousand times.


With crab apple blossoms.


Or kids in it.


Snow.  Frost.  Ice.  Water droplets.


Today as I walked around it, yet again
(and thanked God that my neighbors were at work),
I was looking for things like light, bokeh, color, and depth of field.
It feels a little crazy,
but it is different every time.


#34:  Seeing the same old things from fresh perspectives.


These two photos, above and below?
They are identical in every way except one.


The difference?


Step back.



See it?
I moved my camera the tiniest little bit
and locked my focus first on trunk
then on leaf buds.

My forties have been like that.  Shifting my focus around to explore different facets of the same things.  My tree is really just a small example.  The best example is my view of God.  I have just begun to explore the inexhaustible facets of his nature and character.  I have seen him in so many new ways this past decade.  To know him, truly, is to love him.

One other thing.  I've learned that just because I'm LOOKING at exactly the same thing as someone else doesn't mean I'm SEEING the same thing.  And just because we don't see the same thing doesn't mean I am right and they are wrong.  People whose perspectives differ from mine have provided amazing richness and depth to my thinking this decade.  Saying yes to my trunk doesn't necessitate saying no to your leaves.  Both are a part of the same picture.  Sometimes one really isn't more important than the other.  But if I don't have the photograph, I must LISTEN WELL to understand what the other person is seeing, rather than assuming it's the same thing I see. This is a precious lesson.  I pray I learn it well.


StitchinByTheLake said...

The older we get the better we learn that lesson Tracy. It takes a bit of maturity I think. What you say about sight is also true about hearing - what you say may not be what I hear. It takes paying attention and patience to learn that lesson. blessings, marlene

LauraLiz said...

I love all the green! And your lesson is one I'm still trying to incorporate!