Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jack Frost, 1. Me, .824. Game on.


I won't lie to you.
For some people photography is a creative pursuit. 
 For me it is a competitive pursuit.  
NOT against other photographers.  
Against nature.


One could find it a bit sacrilegious to battle against nature.
It's a little like fighting God, after all.


But the same God who created me competitive
is the one who invited Jacob to wrestle.
Why wouldn't he do the same for me?


Last February when I got my new camera
I immediately set out to photograph the perfect ice or snow crystal.


When I looked at my first set of photos, it occurred to me:  it's the lens.
You really need a macro lens for that.
BUT, having much experience with making the most
of what I have, I would not be defeated.


Today Jack Frost returned to start a new round of competition.


I have learned something very important since the last time we dueled.


I've read comments from a lot of photographers about looking for light
and shooting THAT.  See where it's playing, and putting my focus there.


This morning I noticed a lot of light exposing the frost.
I did not capture the perfect crystal.


But I captured a lot of beautiful light.
And I have a whole season of pursuit to look forward to.


Not bad, but not all that I'm after.  I truly love the contest.  
I sense God's delight as I attempt to capture the glory of his creation,
and get a great photo--
only to have to admit, I did not come close to doing it justice.
I will happily spend a lifetime trying.

Bring on the crystals.
I'm ready.


Life with Kaishon said...

LOVE your attitude.
LOVE these pictures.
Love the light.
Hope your Sunday is a blessed one. Sending love.

Joan said...

Those are some beautiful shots. A macro lens is a lot of fun to play with though.

I captured some very cool crystals one winter and thought you might like to see:

Have a wonderful week!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Okay. I give up. Next semester I'm taking a photography class. I am so jealous! blessings, marlene