Thursday, October 27, 2011

For posterity's sake

Ben came home the other day and announced that he needed my computer
(which was in use) so he could do his homework.
I asked why he needed it, and he said he needed to use...


...the dictionary.

I told him I had good news.
I told him he wouldn't even have to wait
until I was done with the computer.
We have a dictionary with pages!

Speaking of news, new is a relative term, isn't it?


I mean, it was brand spanking new when I got it.


My mom had one from 1955 or something that I had used all through school.  
I'll admit right up front I thought that thing was ANCIENT.  
Pretty sure it belonged in the Smithsonian.


So it was nice to have a new dictionary of my own to take to college.  
Kind of.
I'm sure I would have been more excited about...well, cash.
But hey.  I didn't foresee that my kids would need it.  In 2011.


I also didn't foresee that they would not have to know 
how to locate a word on an actual page.

So for the sake of my children
and their children


I feel compelled to point out 
that when you use the paper kind of dictionary,
looking up words
(like book, for example)


...can turn into a rather fascinating and sometimes hilarious endeavor.
Especially if you have a middle school sense of humor.


But don't worry, guys.  
I won't buy you a dictionary
as your graduation present.


Life with Kaishon said...

Who knew they were still in print ; )

Skeller said...

[snicker] thanks for my afternoon laugh!!

btw, my eldest actually looked up "like" in the dictionary the other day. we Kellers have a beef against the obnoxious, ungrammatical usage of the word these days. wouldn't you know it? the dictionary now includes a definition of "like" as a filler word akin to "ummm".

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my, I hadn't even thought of kids not using a dictionary any more! blessings, marlene