Sunday, June 6, 2010

Canon or Nikon?

Um, well, actually neither.

Yesterday I was hanging out with the pros. Me and my Panasonic. It was so much fun.

Molly and Bill did a great job of finding a beautiful place for us to learn some new photography tips. They brought along a model to pose tirelessly for us, but they also showed us how to make the most of the beauty we each brought along with us. I think I appreciated that part the most.

One of my favorite things to take pictures of is the people who don't know they're in the pictures. Check out those cameras!

The extra bonus was that my cousin Shelley came with me. She really is a pro.

Here's a picture she took of me.

My set of photos from the day is here. Can't wait to put what I learned into practice with my favorite models.

Thanks to Amy and Angie at I Heart Faces for dreaming this up, and Molly and Bill for organizing such a great event. If photography is your passion, or even a little hobby, head over to I Heart Faces for some inspiration!


Betty said...

Those are some serious camera´s those people have. But then again, the picture of you is really beautiful, so I guess it´s worth it. :)
Heading over to your link to check out your photos too.

Joy said...

So was it a bit intimidating when they all pulled out those heavy duty shooters.
We have a camera club at our church. I went one time. It's mainly seasoned citizens. I felt really out of place not because of age, but because they were using photography termonology that I had no idea what it was.
They knew their stuff. I came back home and got out my user manual. Still don't know much.
Great picture of you. I'll take a look at the others you linked to.
♥ Joy

Melissa B. said...

These certainly are Superior Snaps! I'm a Canon gal, myself, as is my photo-chica, Ella Numera Dos. I've only got a little point-and-shoot, though. Someday I'll bust into the big-time, though!

Skeller said...

Tracy, you and your Lumix can hang with the best of them!!! You have a beautiful eye for photography :-).

Drew said...

I'm glad you didn't let anything intimidate you! With your non-Nikon/Canon camera, you managed to take some beautiful pictures. Have a big fancy camera is nice, but wonderful pictures can be taken with point and shoots, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing!

Dea said...

You and your lil panasonic did great! I love the photo that was taken of you as well..i saw that in the flickr pool and i was like oh! i reconize her! lol but great job and i hope you had fun! i sure did!

I Heart Faces said...

I had a point and shoot up until a year ago!! You can still get great photo with one:-) So glad you had fun! YAY!


stefanie said...

Oh, fun! I'm with everyone else - you are masterful with the Panasonic. The camera is just a tool in the artist's hands. I Would love to do something like this sometime!

Life with Kaishon said...

Tracy! You are my favorite kind of photographer! I get a headache when people think they can only take great pictures with a great big camera! Get real! Anyone can shoot with anything! Even a camera phone! If you know how to compose and light and you LOVE WHAT YOU do, well then, guess what? The camera is inconsequential! I am glad you went on Saturday. I think you totally rocked it! AND, I think you are beautiful! : )

Amanda said...

Beautiful!!! You did so great!!! I love all your pictures. And your perspective!

Great to 'meet' you!


sarahclswanson said...

It was fun to meet you, Tracy! I think your photos are great and I thought it was fun that you came with your cousin!

Shelley said...

YOU WON, TRACY! Congratulations!

Julie said...

those are awesome and that is so much fun that you were able to do that. Please share the tips (maybe you did already, I am behind in reading posts...catching up now :)