Monday, May 3, 2010

Flavor Flashback

I'm in a spring Bible study using the book Victoriously Frazzled by Cindi Wood. Each week it gives an assignment for a "Defrazzler", and one for "Relaxing in the Word".

Last week was great, because the "Defrazzler" was a personal mini-retreat, and the meditation chapter was Psalm 23. Cool, since exactly a year ago I was on a women's retreat centered around Psalm 23, and enjoyed it so much that I blogged about it so I could remember it. I was so glad to be prompted to go back and remind myself of what I learned.

This week's "Defrazzler" was to take the time to go do something you enjoyed as a child. It was to remind us that God delights in us and has a plan for us during every season of our lives. It was also to remind us to maintain a childlike quality even as we grow older. I loved nothing more than swimming as a child. Not even close. But swimming wasn't in the cards this week. So I used it as an excuse to make a treat that I've been meaning to make recently, one my mom made with me when I was little, and that I loved. I thought I would share it. It's the easiest ever.

Scotch Crispies

Melt: 1 cup peanut butter and 1 12 oz. package butterscotch chips for 1 minute at a time in microwave, stirring each time.

Pour: melted mixture over 6 cups rice crispies and stir.

Drop by spoonfuls (or cookie scoopfuls) onto waxed paper. Chill to set. That's it! Yum!

Unless you're like me and you can't leave well enough alone. Then you might want to melt some chocolate chips and add some squiggles.

I just couldn't help myself.
I like to think it's my childlike nature coming out to play.

NOTE: I know, just a few posts ago I was treating myself to healthy eating. But hey, these things are made out of rice crispies. They are mostly air. And maybe just a little less satisfying than, say, a brownie.

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Joy said...

I agree air doesn't have calories. hehe.
Yum I love butterscotch and I think the chocolate on top was a great idea.
Sounds like a good Bible Study.

♥ Joy