Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OK, so I lied.

...or, "Why it pays to have smart friends on Facebook."

Remember in my last post where I said that we've had a lot going on and that it was all good stuff? Well that was not entirely accurate. Obviously, I meant all good except the normal bad stuff that I choose to forget just as quickly as possible because it hardly deserves mentioning.

Like this.

What, you ask? I know, that's what I said. Bethany started Brownies this year, and earned her first two "Try-it" badges. She wanted me to get out the "ironing table" right away and iron them on. (This should give you a clue about how often we get out the "ironing table".) So like a good mom, I did. I ironed those suckers right on, impressed with how straight and secure they were. Until Bethany said the senses badge was upside down. Really? Oh...the nose. And, uh, yeah, the mouth. OK, so THAT was a pretty easy mistake to make. No one told me they came in different directions and I should be sure to wear my glasses to tell which side was up. We tried pulling, prying, scraping, all to no avail. I assured Bethany that no one would notice. Well sure, that took care of it...

She. Was. Inconsolable.

So I got on Facebook, and posted that I was moving to Australia. It took all of two minutes for someone to catch my allusion to Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. And then, Facebook friends to the rescue. The suggestions and condolences started rolling in. How to release a completely stuck badge? The same way you stuck it! Duh. One more trip to the "ironing table", and voila! Unstuck and restuck.

Bethany was ecstatic! She did not even mind the residue, since she plans on earning all 80 brownie badges this year, which will cover it up in a jiffy. Sure, Girlie, you go for it. I'm told that GooGone will also take them off, and I suspect it would remove the residue completely. But then I would have to wash it. And then some other stuff might start falling off. Such a dilemma.

So I really didn't lie after all. All's well that ends well, right? Who knew Facebook would be such a lifesaver? It's a good thing. Bethany took great care this morning getting ready to fulfill her solemn role with her troop in the flag raising for the Veterans Day observance. She wanted every detail to be perfect.

To our veterans and their families, we thank and salute you for this beautiful life we enjoy thanks to your commitment and sacrifice on our behalf.


Betty said...

I love when people comment on my facebook statuses. I´m glad it helped you out of a "situation"!

StitchinByTheLake said...

That sounds exactly like something I would have done. Hmmm, I think I did that one time! blessings, marlene

Joy said...

So glad that worked out. I just couldn't stand the sight of Bethany's life ruined forever.

I hear you on the glasses. They sent home the school directory from Leah's school today. Obviously the mom who typed it is under 30. The font is about a 4. I kid you not.
Anyway, glad you got things moved in the right direction.
♥ Joy

MaryD said...

This is too funny, Tracy!

Julie said...

oh my goodness that is so awesome. YAY for facebook to the rescue!

Jaqueline said...

facebook can be a life saver sometimes.

SKELLER said...

oooh, did this post ever bring back memories. to this day, I think my mom has my girl scout's sash tucked away somewhere ... with all my last year's badges *pinned* on. neither she nor I much enjoyed sewing, so they were never permanently affixed.

and an iron? and ironing boards?
what are those?!?

The Accidental Housewife said...

Oh I loved Brownies so much! Mum made me sew my own badges on - she said it was developmental. ;)