Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Dream Come True

The moment we have long awaited finally came on Sunday. One year and a week ago, our church broke ground on our new building addition. This week was our dedication of the new ministry facility. It is beautiful.

One of the most beautiful things about it is that everywhere I look, I remember people working. Members of our church family, working together, to make our dreams come true.

None to soon, the work was finished enough so that the city inspector could sign off, and grant us "Occupancy". It seemed funny to me. We were all eager to occupy our new space, but I thought most of all that I wanted and hoped for God to occupy it. In ALL his glory!

But then it occurred to me that though he dwelt in a central location, namely the tabernacle or temple, under the old covenant, under the new covenant he dwells in the believer. Simply put, if we gather, he is there.

We built this building with our hands, our hearts, our time, our minds, our offerings, our faith, and our prayers. It was only natural to want to invite God in. But he gave his son, a gift infinitely greater than what all of us offered put together, and through HIS sacrifice, God invites US into HIS presence.

Even so, Lord, we invite you to enter into our worship and ministry in this new place, to show us more of yourself than we have ever seen before.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...


The cross reminds me a bit of the cross at my grandma's old church. They have the 3 crosses, and 2 of them have the trim all the way around. The 3rd is bigger and has no trim on the ends of the wood. Does that make sense? the symbolism of course being that there is no limit to the cross of Jesus.

StitchinByTheLake said...

It's simply beautiful Tracy. I know God is smiling at what His children have done for Him. Abram built an altar everywhere he had communion with God - everywhere he met with God - as a remembrance. That's what the church is to me; it's a place of communion with God and a place where I meet with Him and other believers. blessings, marlene

Melissa B. said...

Oh, I know how happy you are...I can feel it throught the vibrations of the World Wide Web. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news...and some pretty Superior Snaps, too!

Joy said...

Such a beautiful building. I know He will be there with you all every time you come together.

Are you using the old church for a fellowship center now

♥ Joy