Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday Flashback: It happened in a dark alley...

I've been looking through some pictures this week. It's amazing what you can find in the photo files when you quit taking so many for a little while. It turns out that I never blogged about several things that happened toward the end of summer. Not the least of which was a visit from Lee's parents, Mona and Honey as they are fondly known by their grandkids. I told you here that I was going to blog about it more later. And now I am. Boy, did we keep them busy!

They were here to celebrate Ben's birthday (early) with us, and he wanted us all to go to Brunswick Zone for bowling and laser tag.

It was quite exciting, and I think that Wii bowling has actually improved our game. Who'da thunk?


Joy said...

Love the anticipation of watching Ben's ball go down the bowling lane.
Great shot (yours and his) :)

That bowling alley looks awesome.
Love Bethany's pink bowling ball.

Looks like a fun time with the grandparents.


Tracy P. said...

He got a little pumped! :-)

I love the burst mode on my camera for getting a series of shots like this. But it's part of the reason I'm in the middle of a major hard drive streamlining--I take ten pictures for every one a normal person takes!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've been threatening to get a Wii game Tracy - just for Jerry and I. I think all the sports one would be great exercise for us! blessings, marlene

Betty said...

I love the slide show! Especially that shot Ben made! Looked like it was so much fun!

Vic said...

What adorable photos! I love the vibrant colors. The kids will be so glad you took so many photos when they grow older. That is one thing I can't thank my parents enough for! The expressions are priceless.