Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Colors

Here I was thinking that very soon I would have some glorious fall photos to post. I was just waiting for the perfect day to get the trees at their peak color. Soon. Very soon.

Until today.

Now I am wondering if any of the leaves will have survived this little arctic October blast. We shall see.

The good news is that my kids still have jackets, snowpants, hats and mittens that fit. The bad news is, no boots.

Poor Bethany, traipsing through the snow and water to the bus in her tennies. Poor camera. Hard to focus with melting snowflakes on your lens.

So of course I ran out to Target, along with all the other crazy people, to get boots. October--they should be here by now, and there should be a good selection. Right?

Well the crowds of people and the empty shelves were mocking me, I'm quite certain.

But I emerged victorious!

Winter, I am serving you notice that we are now fully prepared. Go have your fun at someone else's expense. We will look for you in December. LATE December.


Dea said...

o wow! You got snow already? Thats crazy! Dont send it my way! lol. I like the pictures, they turned out wonderfully!

Betty said...

No way! Snow in October!?? That is just too soon, even for me. I was just enjoying all the fall pic´s on the blogs.... :)
Glad you found boots. Wouldn´t want those precious little feet to freeze!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

LOL - I just have to laugh because I know for a fact that target has had that pink boot for at least 10 years now, cause Essie had those, and so did Gert!!!

Joy said...

If you ever need me to look in my Target for the size, maybe I'll can find them and mail them.
They seem to stick around here for some reason. :)
Love the hot pink ones with the fur. They look toasty warm.

The pictures are so pretty with the fall and the snow.
Can't believe the snow is already falling.


MaryD said...

oh. my. goodness.

the first photo is GORGEOUS. the other are good photos but so sad!

so did you add in the words on the empty shelves? very, very clever, Trace!

Tracy P. said...

Thanks for laughing with me, friends! You have to either laugh or cry. It is the earliest measurable snow fall in 24 years, they tell us. After a toasty September. Go figure.

Yes, Mary, those are my mad Photoshop skills. I was the weirdo taking pictures at Target. It was just a moment that begged to be blogged. The things I do to amuse myself. ;-)

Melissa B. said...

Good job on the boots, Mom! I got a plaintive call from the chica in Madison last nite. "Mom, I need to buy a new winter coat." It's colder than usual, and her coat is old and kinda thin. I'm donating to her cause...wouldn't want my baby freezing to death!

Tiffany said...

That is simply insane!

You have snow and we have the hottest October on record. It still amazes me that one country can be so diverse. Hang in there.

I do love the pics of the fall colors and the snow. Quite a contrast ;o)

Givinya De Elba said...

I loved your Empty Shelves shot!

Julie said...

I loved your comment on the Snow, that is so early and craz and so MN!!!

stefanie said...

I've been mocked by empty shelves before too. No fun!

And gorgeous pics.