Friday, June 5, 2009

You make the call!

Ready sports fans?? It's your big chance to do a little Friday morning umpiring. Ben ran into an exciting play at third last night, and I learned a little about the rules of the game. Knowing what I know now, I see there is enough evidence in my photos to make the call.  So which is it?

 Safe or out?

And for extra credit, what did the coach tell him after the play???  Come back tomorrow for the answers.

So, Uncle Dave, do you still read my blog? I know you can get both of these!


Danny said...

I'd say safe, because ben wasn't tagged and wasn't "forced" by a runner on second... and his coach probably told him to slide next time.

Betty said...

Looks safe to me too! Love how you see the emotions of Ben´s face. He´s staring at the other guy like, "Are you kidding me, I´m totally safe!" :)

Tracy P. said...

Oh Betty, that is hilarious! Those are my thoughts EXACTLY!

Joy said...

It wasn't a force. He needed to tag Ben. That shark kid was kind of standing in front of the base so maybe a slide would have been good. But I know Ben was just trying to make laundry easier on his momma so he didn't :)

Love that stare down too!

I played girls softball growing up and lettered all 4 years in highschool. I remember most things. But please don't ask me to run around the bases. :)


Tiffany said...

yep, I think we learned this lesson the hard way, too. The baseman needed to tag Ben for him to be out.

And, I agree, the coach probably told him to get down and slide next time.

Great pics, Mom! Way to capture the moment!

DaveD said...

Well, Danny beat me to it, and he said the same two things I was already saying before I got down to the last frame.

I just finished teaching three weeks of baseball to a bunch of K - 5th graders, many of whom did not know, on day one, which hand the glove was supposed to go on. That force out thing really puts my teaching skills to the test. I eventually figured out that you need to start with the most basic of base running rules: you can NOT have two runners on the same base at the same time!

P.S. Of COURSE I read your blog. Every word. Just not every single day, that's all. ;-)

Tracy P. said...

He lives! Wuh hoo!!

Mama Kat said...

I say he's out. Because I don't want to agree with everyone else. He's out and his coach told him to drop and give him 20 for not running faster.


Caroline said...

I'm going to consult with Mr. Baseball and see what he has to say about it. Great pics!

Marrdy said...

Tie goes to the runner!!