Friday, May 27, 2016



There once was a child who was born to dance.
From the earliest days, that girl lit up a stage.
I witnessed it myself.


That girl's mom saw the high school years approaching in no time,
and she wanted to capture whatever glimpses remained of the child.
(Smart mom.)


So I got to spend an evening with Irene.
(Lucky me!)


Irene's gracefulness speaks for itself.



What struck me was the worn out floor and the shoes
that spoke more of strength and toughness
than of gracefulness.

Ballet BW

en pointe

Pointe Shoes


hip hop

There were other classes in other studios.
Friends who have spent a lifetime together.
Teachers who are mentors.
Little girls who look up to the big girls.
Inspiring, all of it.


And the mom waiting as always at the end of the evening.

Irene, watching you dance was such a beautiful experience.
I loved your energy and passion, your focus and determination,
the fun you were having with your friends,
and the fact that you are comfortable in your own skin.


Next year you are going to high school
Only God knows where else you will go in life.
But this is for certain:
You shine by being just the girl He made you to be.




Skeller said...

aaaaaah, happy sigh. Such beauty and passion and strength captured in these images. (and excuse me while I photo-geek-out here for a moment, but I was sooooo right never to doubt that wide angle would be magic in your hands!!)

Bella PA said...

This is so wonderful. Every moment you captured was priceless! I know God will do incredible things with Irene. I love her shoes. I love her shine.

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

Whoops, I am Becky : ). That was leftover from when I was working at the hospital today.

Deanna said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I know she must be thrilled with your captures of her talent!!